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Thank You for purchasing an AXIS Inflatable lifejacket, we hope that you never have to use it, But in the event, that you do, your lifejacket should be in top working order.

  • Remember a lifejacket is not a lifejacket unless you are wearing it!

  • And an Inflatable lifejacket is not a lifejacket until it is inflated


Here are a few Tips to Help Maximize the life of your Lifejacket

  • After a day out on the water make sure your lifejacket is both clean and dry before you store it away

  • If during use the jacket gets wet with salt water, make sure that you wash and dry the jacket prior to storing it away. (To do this, simply open the jacket remove the Co2 cylinder and auto cartridge (if fitted). Wash lightly in a small amount warm water with a small amount of mild detergent, rinse thoroughly, then hang it up out of direct sunlight to dry)

  • Once dry, replace the Co2 cylinder and auto cartridge (if fitted) and screw back into the mechanism to hand tight, then repack following the fold lines marked on the Bladder

  • After each use check cylinder is dry and has no signs of corrosion and has not been punctured

  • If it is an auto jacket check the cartridge is not expired and is clean and dry

  • It is a good idea to inflate your lifejacket by mouth, via the oral tube every six months, this will help stretch the bladder and decrease the ageing effect of fold lines in the Bladder, thus helping to extend the life of your lifejacket


Annual Service

  • Every Twelve months you need to have your lifejacket serviced

  • You can take it to an authorised service agent, who will service your lifejacket for a fee

  • Or you can "Self Service” by going to the "Service Your Inflatable PFD" page on this website and downloading both an instruction manual and service record sheet. It is both simple and quick, and if you have followed our instructions on care and maintenance during the normal use, it will not take much time at all.

  • NB: We do recommend every third year that you have it serviced by an authorised service agent.



Our Commitment

At AXIS we are committed to providing a Quality

product and hope that it gives you many years service.

By following our recommendations we believe this will happen,

but if for any reason you feel dissatisfied with our product

please contact us at AXIS PFD’s.

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