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Instructions for Annual Self Inspection

Only to be used for jackets in recreational use.
Jackets used for commercial purposes must be serviced
by an authorised AXIS PFD's service agent.

Link to Map showing Service agents
Link to list of Servi
ce Agents 

Every twelve months it is required that your jacket be inspected and tested,

to make sure all is in working order. It is recommended that every third

service on recreational use jackets be performed by an authorised agent.

Please follow the instructions in the service document  and complete the test form.

  • Please read this document fully and ensure that you understand what is required before you start. If you do not understand or do not feel that you can complete all required tasks please take your jacket to an authorised service agent.

  • During the self inspection certain replacement parts may be required. Depending on your model of jacket a green indicator clip, gas cylinders or automatic firing cartridges may need replacing.

  • If your Inflatable PFD or a component fails any test listed below the PFD must be taken to an authorised service centre for further testing.



(follow the links to see the service documents)

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