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Manual Operation

Inflate the jacket by pulling the manual inflation tag which triggers a CO2 cylinder to inflate the jacket. Also includes a backup oral tube inflator. Axis jackets use UML pro-sensor manual inflator systems. Lowest priced inflation system but will NOT inflate if the wearer is unconscious or unable to pull the inflation tag. Ideally suited for use on powerboats.

Standard Automatic Operation

Inflates the jacket automatically on contact with water. Includes backup oral inflation tube. Axis jackets use UML pro-sensor automatic inflator systems. Lower priced auto system than the HAMMAR inflation system. The downside of this system is that the jacket can be inadvertently inflated in wet conditions including heavy humidity, rain, splashes or heavy spray of water on deck. Ideal for power boating and coastal sailing and racing.

HAMMAR Automatic Operation

Inflates the jacket automatically with unique Hydrostatic valve that operates only by the change in pressure when the jacket is submersed in water. This system is NOT affected by splashed water, spray or humidity. Ideal for ocean yacht racing and cruising or when working in very wet conditions. Includes backup manual operation. Longer time (5 years) before replacement required. Single point indicator shows the jacket is ready for use. The gas cylinder is located inside the lifejacket bladder, protected from corrosion and any snagging hazard. Ideally suited for ocean racing sailors and blue water cruising.

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